FNV Remodify

ReModify for Fallout New Vegas lets you apply weapon modkits and later take them of again. when you take a weapon mod off the modkit will be added to your inventory again for later use. Since the weapon modkits have very little weight it allows you to carry all kinds of mods with you for when you need them. This way you can take your weapon mods of your gun when you get overencumbered and throw away your gun while still retaining your valuable modkit.

When you mod your weapon with ReModify you will not get the reward you normally get for modding weapons in Fallout New Vegas so you can’t cheat to get that achievement. I might change that in the future but i will probably make it so that you have to mod 10x more weapons to get that achievement to make sure it is a drag if you want to cheat for the achievement.

Remodify Additional Info

ReModify is ment to be used on a Vanilla weapon system, although it still works with other weapon changing mods, it is not advicable to mix it with for instance WME or WMX simply because you will not be able to mod weapons other then the Vanilla weapons, and it will probably be confusing to use multiple weapon changing mods. That being said the weapons in this mod are unique with a unique name in the pipboy, so it is entirely possible to use it with other modkit mods.

A big advantage of this mod is that all scoped weapons will work perfectly with all mods that add scope zoom, cause the scopes are not added with the built-in New Vegas modkit system but are permanent scopes (each modded weapon is actually a different weapon).

All base weapons are still moddable in the old fashion way so it is still possible to get your achievement for modding weapons in Fallout New Vegas.

Download Remodify