FO3 to FPS

New updates are coming soon, you will be able to switch VATS on and off, the same goes for 3rd person view. And there are also some refinements in the code. The version will be v1.01

New Features !! : Night Scopes, Bullettime, Scope Zoom, Sprint, Recoil, Auto-Heal, Auto Ammo collecting, No Vats and Long Jump ! Auto-aim is nearly non existent and the minimum range value on the weapon is set to 10 when a weapon is equipped making sure you can accurately shoot very closeby enemies too. Base carry value has been upped by 50 so you can carry a little more.

FO3 to FPS is a mod that aims to transform Fallout 3 into a First Person Shooter. It adds Sprint, Bullettime, Scopezoom, scope nightvision, and it adds Recoil to all small guns in the game, including newly added ones. So small guns from mods will have recoil too, the recoil is based on a sum of strength, agility, weapondamage and firerate, spread is reduced based on agility, guncondition and gunskills. If you have high gunskils and agility the spread is almost gone and weapons become really accurate. with a strength of 10 the recoil is almost gone, so if your skills and specials are maxed you become a pretty smooth killer. Although there are options in the menu to get some recoil back if you think it became too easy when you are maxed out, but i tried to keep it balanced, remember, it’s ment to get the shooter feeling so you never have to use VATS.

with this mod you will really “feel” the difference with the enemies you encounter, raiders are relatively easy to kill, but enclave are tough cause they wear power armor. This is already in the game, but if played with VATS you will not feel the difference as much as when you play the game as a shooter. So if you think easy is to easy you should wait till the Enclave is activated after you obtained the GECK in vault 87 and then you are in for a world of hurt. You can still use stimpacks in a hairy situation so if you play your cards right you never have to die in this game.

Bullettime has a fixed amount op AP drain, however there are 3 settings in the options menu to set the AP drain, fast, normal and slow. The standard key for bullettime is the C key, but when installing the mod you’ll be given the choice to choose your own key for each function, and you can also rebind keys in the options menu once installed.

Sprintspeed is determined by the amount of agility, every point of agility gives you a additional 5% of extra running speed starting at 115% when the Lef-Shift key is pressed while walking forward. The amount of time you can sprint is determined by endurance, so a higher endurance let’s you run longer.

The Scopezoom goes from 15 FOV to 65 FOV, a special sound will notify you that you cant zoom in or out any further. When you switch on the nightscope you wil have a infrared black and white view and your enemies will be light grey.

All modules can be installed and deinstalled from within the game, so if you only want Recoil and not the other things they can all be totally deinstalled from within the game, totally means they will not be running in the background either, the accompanying scripts and quests will be stopped so there will be no unnessecary cpu usage.

Auto-Heal will heal you when you are not hit by enemies for more then 5 seconds. Regeneration speed is coupled to the medicine skill. Automatic Ammo Collecting is also incoorporated, it is on by default, but you can uninstall the module like any other in the options menu under module management. You collect ammo of dead bodies by looking at them from closeby. When you see that you can interact with the object the ammo is collected and you will be notified of the amount of ammo you have just picked up. Long Jump is achieved by jumping while running.

Hotkey Settings

You can choose your own hotkeys and every module is separately uninstallable and reinstallable from within the game. Standard key settings are Sprint=Left Shift, Snipernightscope=N Bullettime=C, and zoom in and out is the mouse scrollwheel. Key setting for options menu is Options=O. Only already mounted scopes have zoom and nightscope. The options can be changed with the o hotkey but also from the apparel tab in the pipboy. I recommend using the RH Ironsights mod for FO3 to
make it really convincing, you can find it at the Fallout 3 Nexus.

If you think it is to easy with this mod i suggest you install MMMF – Increased Spawns.

Download FO3 to FPS.FO3 to FPS has been majorly updated in April 2013 with tons of new features, check the readme in the download for what is new !