I have been playing in bands since i was 17 years old, and as a result of that i ended up writing rocksongs. Started out as a punkrocker but after a while i actually learned to play the guitar a bit and started to write songs and recording them on a tapedeck at first, nowadays i record my songs on a PC with some mid-end hardware.


Most of the songs below are written, produced and played by me. Lead voice is sung by Thamar de Jong and the lyrics of the song You are written by Marielle de Jong. Lead solo in Alike The Sun is played by Theo A.K.A. the Violin. Drums are drawn in Cubase SX, everything else is played by me, backing and some lead vocals sung by me too.

Left clicking a song will play it, right click and choose save this file as to download the song.

If you’re interested in a arrangement to use as songs in your band let me know.

Here are the songs;
Political Poetry
A Promise To Me
Alike The Sun
Big Bang
Human Nature
Just A Game
Move The World
No Sense
Prying Eyes
Today I Quit