Megaton Lights

Megaton Lights is a mod for Fallout 3 that adds lights to Megaton to get some ambient improvement and better lights at night, i always thought it was a bit dull in there at night after getting used to Fallout Street Lights. So i added multiple lights on a timer script that switches the lights on at 19 PM and off at 7 AM. I added multiple lights to 1 lightspot to get a natural illumination of the character when you walk underneath them.

I also did the searchlights in front of Megaton to make them cast their light in a natural way, illuminating the entrance of Megaton at night, this can be seen from afar and is quite the sight. Maybe this mod will convince you not to blow up megaton but to keep it because it looks so good at night. 😉

Download Megatonlights.