URWLNV Ultimate Edition v2.0

URWLNV Ultimate Edition v2.0 is the successor of Nevada Skies URWLified v7.15. This mod is a mod which attempts to make lighting more realistic then vanilla. The main goal of this mod is to make a weathermod that is like URWLified, but with the scripting capabilities of URWLENB-FO3 and at the same time be compatible with ENB configs. So you can play with this mod without ENB, and with ENB, and also with ENB with nightvision support. The adaptation and day/night detection will behave perfectly the same with each weather due to clever setting of certain colors and their brightness.

There are 38 weathers in the mod, they can be enabled/disabled individually in the Climates. There are 8 special moods, 14 clear/cloudy weathers, 12 cloudy/overcast weathers and 4 rainy/snowy weathers.

Rainy/Snowy weather can be enabled/disabled in the climate and can be enabled/disabled to appear scripted. That means that if it is disabled in the climate and enabled in the script, that the script decides when the weather is to be applied, and you can set the frequency in the script to make the weather appear once every 1,3,5,8,11 or 14 days on a random time of the day. You can also disable the rain being applied through script and just let the game engine decide when the weather is going to be applied, alternately, you can combine the two methods. There are no sand/duststorms in the mod yet, if there are enough people asking for it, i might built it in.

Interiors have balanced lighting templates and most ambient lights are set to dark to enhance realism in interior lighting.

All weathers have unique clouds, half of them are made from 6000px source photographs out of my Nikon D3200. Clouds have been saved uncompressed at 1024x1024px, this assures that the clouds will have no coloration artifacts whatsoever from being compressed in DXT1 format (tends to make purple and green artifacts in gradients). Simply because it is 32-bit uncompressed DXT.

there are a bunch of OPTIONAL extra’s in the installer like better moon textures, sunglare, less glowing dust meshes, a weather forcing plugin, new nightsky and a plugin to enable the weather in Project Brazil.

All DLC’s have a plugin to change their weather into URWLNV’s weather (Dead Money still has a very dark red ambient and skies and no scripted weather !)

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The weather follows you on fast travel and world change.

There is a night/interior brightness adjuster integrated in the mod.

There is a ENB config in the download with Nightvision/ISM support. I made this config for the .249b ENB wrapper.

Things to consider

Fellout is not compatible, so don’t use it together, if you do, there is no warranty. Or any other weather mod for that matter. In fact, if you use another weather mod together with this, you should not use this mod, cause it defeats the purpose of this mod.

If you use the included ENB config, you can’t use other interior lighting changing mods either. Only if you are a ENB tweaker and know what you are doing you can use RIL or other interior mods, cause then you know how to change the lighting values that will look correct. That being said, everyone can learn to adjust the ENB configs, so if you are willing to put time in it, other interior lighting mods can be adopted to work with URWLNV. But since RIL or other Interior mods haven’t tuned their mods for use with ENB, you can be sure that my interior mod will always be the most balanced option.

Download URWLNV Ultimate Edition