URWL 5.3

Warning ! This version does not change weather and clouds.

URWL is a mod that changes the color and lighting of the entire weather system in Fallout New Vegas. It does not change the weather like URWLNV does, it merely enhances the vanilla weather schemes to be more realistic (although it seems that this is debatable), that’s why i say MORE realistic, not totally. As stated before, it does not change the weather so don’t expect rain or fog or anything, it will be sunny and dry most if not all the time. The screenshot below shows the typical view.

As it is now it changes all the weather colors and lighting of all worldspaces that use the wastelandnv weather as a base, so that means not the DLC’s. Because this mod does not add textures and change weather and add rain and such, it is a small mod and does not impair performance whatsoever, so if you experience performance loss after installing this mod, it’s not due to this mod.

Additional Info

The only thing that gets added in this mod in the way of a texture is a slightly edited version of the wasteland grass to make sure you won’t get blinded by the yellow grass variety when you wander around the Mojave wasteland.

*** This mod is no longer being developed, if you also want weather changes, use Nevada Skies URWLified v7.15 or URWLNV Ultimate Edition Beta v1.0 instead. ***

Download URWL 5.3