2015 oktober

Starcraft – Kerrigan Ghost Rifle

Busy with making Kerrigan’s Ghost Rifle by request of a friend on the team in Fallout New Vegas – The Frontier.He asked if i could make the rifle as close to the known model as possible in high poly to play with in Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 4. I will also put it up […]

Old Locomotive

Made an old locomotive as a part of a larger model pack, an entire trainyard actually, it’s going to be available on the Unity asset store in a month or so.

Overgrowth Pumpkin Creature – The Frontier

Working on Fallout New Vegas – The Frontier with a team of talented modders, i make the weather for it and merge the mod plugins into the master file and resolve errors that occur in the Mod, additionally i’m making some models and textures to spice up the gameworld, this addition is a mutated Pumpkin […]